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As a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified test facility our company provides all tier risk assessments from screening steps to Tier I and tailor-made higher tier evaluations and field studies.

Risk assessment

Assistance in the registration process for active substances and plant protection products in accordance to the current and upcoming EU-legislation and national requirements.

Field studies

Our company covers a broad spectrum of terrestrial field studies from birds, mammals, honey bees & pollinators, soil organisms, non-target arthropods to residual trials and biodiversity studies.

Mammal trapping

The standard method used for mammal trapping are ‘Ugglan’ multiple capture live traps. The advantage of these traps is that they allow for several animals to be caught in a single trap. A trapping session comprises a period of prebaiting followed by a fixed number of nights of live trapping. The frequency of trap control depends on the kind of species trapped.

Pitfall Trapping

The aim of arthropod sampling is to determine the time course of pesticide residue decline in arthropods serving as prey for birds and mammals or to document the food availability over a certain time period in general. We are working with three different methods depending on the objectives of the studies: Inventory spraying, Pitfall and Malaise trapping.

Earthworm sampling

Earthworms are not only a food resource for birds, mammals and even large arthropods but soil keystone species and also bioindicator for soil quality. We investigate pesticide residues in earthworms after sampling by a combination of three methods: excavation/handsorting, formalin extraction and octet method.


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