Masterarbeit zu vergeben

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Masterarbeit mit Praxisbezug

Außerschulischer Lernort

Raus aus dem Klassenzimmer.

"Wir machen uns auf, die Themen der Landwirtschaft und der Umweltforschung zu ergründen"....Die Schüler der Ohmtalschule sollen einen neue Lernort bekommen.

Am Forschungszentrum Neu-Ulrichstein bereiten Lehrer und Wissenschaftler gemeinsam ein Konzept für einen nachhaltigen Lernort vor. Alle Schüler sollen Gelegenheit bekommen die Themen der Landwirtschaft und der Umweltforschung persönlich kennen zu lernen.


Centre for environmental research

The FNU Research Centre combines extensive agricultural infrastructure with "Good Laboratory Practice" (GLP). We offer a platform for field research in the areas of ecotoxicology, environmental technology and protection, renewable energy and agriculture. The centre's facilities are used by laboratories, consultancies and universities.



Offices & Meeting Rooms

Available workspace in Neu-Ulrichstein

Are you a start-up or an established company planning to set up an office or branch? Are you looking for an exceptional location with rooms for seminars, workshops or conferences?
Learn more about the options available at the research centre.

Established Cooperation

Common experience creates trust 

The partners of the FNU Research Centre have been working closely together for many years, enabling the successful completion and ongoing execution of numerous GLP, multi-site studies. Partners and projects benefit from the diverse expertise on the campus.

Science & Agriculture

Laboratory and field tests

Agricultural equipment, fields, meadows and extensive laboratory capacity are all available at the FNU Research Centre. Our many years of experience in carrying out complex field and semi-field studies, along with our partners, ensure the provision of the ideal conditions for your project.