Science, agriculture and technology working hand in hand

Close cooperation with regional, conventional and organic farmers and beekeepers enables high-quality field trials.

Through many years of cooperation and a large number of successfully conducted studies, our partners from agriculture are already sensitized to scientific requirements. Additionally, they contribute a wealth of invaluable experience, because not all challenges in field trials can be foreseen from a desk. Thus, through joint work, a climate of shared learning has developed from which everyone benefits.

Ideal for field research even under GLP

Neu-Ulrichstein offers all the possibilities of agricultural practice, from arable farming to animal husbandry. This includes land, equipment and research expertise.

Embedded in a GLP test facility with ecotoxicological expertise and laboratory background, even land-intensive projects can be realized on an area of more than 50 hectares - for example, large-scale field projects with bees on specially created areas.

We offer an extensive infrastructure and professional support for this:

Versatility, flexibility and competence through local partners

A network of regional institutions and companies has been established around the Neu-Ulrichstein Research Center, whose extensive experience and expert knowledge can be drawn upon for a wide variety of research projects.

Our local and regional partners offer, for example: