Taxonomic analysis

Companies at the Neu-Ulrichstein Research Center, for example Mesocosm GmbH, have been working successfully for many years in the field of taxonomic evaluation of terrestrial and aquatic samples - also in accordance with the standards of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Our expertise includes:

    In the field of aquatics:

    In the terrestrial segment:

    1) Arthropoda

    Collembola (springtails) - Hymenoptera - Coleoptera (beetles) - Diptera - Heteroptera (bugs) - Acari (mites) - Arachnida (spiders)

    2) Annelida

    3) Nematoda

    4) Vertebrata

    Aves (birds) - Rodentia (rodents) - Eulipotyphla (insectivores)

    Experts for taxonomic evaluations

    We will be happy to advise you on how to carry out your taxonomic evaluations.