Powerful infrastructure and flexible services for research and development

On the campus of the FNU Research Centre, private, non-profit and governmental institutions carry out research. You can benefit from the expertise and experience of these institutions and a trusting, cooperative exchange among scientists.

We offer you a powerful research platform and a unique spectrum of services and expertise: 

  • Extensive agricultural infrastructure
  • Extensive laboratory infrastructure
  • Large areas for field studies
  • very good internet access through fiber optic connection
  • A network of experienced partners

    Our partners on site

    The FNU maintains a wide network of local farmers and beekeepers in the region. Therefore, the range of services we can offer to our partners on the campus and the capacity of the FNU are constantly expanding.

     Farms involved in research projects cover the following areas, among others:

    •     Beekeeping
    •     Farmers in agriculture
    •     Farmers with livestock (goats, cows, chickens)